Go-Mo-Cult is a implementation of the classic board game Gomoku (also known as "five in a row"). 
The objective is to make a straight line (vertical, horizontal or diagonal) with 5 pieces of the own colour. 
The player who uses the black stone always starts the game. Both players will make one move by turn. 
One move entails in placing one piece in an empty square of the board. The pieces inside the board cannot be moved again. 
Go-Mo-Cult is a free software, released under the GPL license. So everyone has permission to copy, distribute and/or modify it. 
Currently, Go-Mo-Cult is available only for Windows, but you can run the source in other platforms, if you install the Python interpreter on your computer.
Click here to download the latest version of Go-Mo-Cult (for Windows). 
You can optionally download the source code (cross-platform), in ZIP or RAR formats.
Releases / Changes
- New Graphical User Interface. 
- Stronger and faster AI Engine. 
- Added support for user script (for custom AI Engines). 
- Added hint feature. 
- Added clock. 
- CPU usage decreased. 
- Runtime error fixed (thanks to Dominique Plante). 
- The first release.
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